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the littles
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November 26, 2022
Nov 27, 2022 1:00

the littles

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NFT Review:

What’s the best part of any adventure?

The adventure itself: making new frens, fighting bad guys, creating new memories, and just having fun! Think of the littles as a big adventure.

Success isn’t promised in web3, but the project promises a lot of fun while exploring this brave new world together.

If you’re looking for something else, then the littles probably isn’t the right project for you. The littles does not offer any utilities or roadmap. Just the community.

Manifesto (Roadmap):

rule #1 of being the littles is NEVER BE BORING.

the Serious Grown-Ups bring FUD everywhere they go because they’ve lost touch with their inner child and have forgotten how to have fun.

they’re the ones who keep invading our communities with copypasta, ponzu schemes, and booooring projects that put profits before people.

in web3, play is work and work is play, but they don’t understand that.

that’s why we can’t let the Serious Grown Ups take over the blockchain.

The littles plan all of their adventures in the Playside, which is where they call home.

The little(s) bear collection encompasses all the essence of the story. with the free spirit of creation, the youthfulness of play, and the daring courage to evolve all bedrocks in bringing this collection to life.

Merch is so much more than just a logo on a shirt.

Holder Benefits:

while phase 1 introduces the mechanic for owners to level up their littles and grow the collection organically, phase 2 focuses on engagement.

to further deepen your experience with your littles, this phase encourages interacting with your littles in ways that produce both tangible and intangible rewards.

creating real value for the community will always be the north star.

phase 3 — wagmi

is where things really come together.

by this point, the littles will have integrated other projects within their littles world.

you’ll be able to level up your littles, customize them, and lots more within the ecosystem.

phase 3 will give you a chance to flex and experience all of these moments with your frens!

Price and quantity:

littles will be starting their adventures on Friday, Nov 25whitelist mint begins on Thurs, Nov 25 at 6 PM PST (24-hour mint window) public mint begins on Fri, Nov 26 at 6 PM PST(you can mint 2 with WL and 2 more via public sale)They will cost 0.125ETH.

2 per transaction, 4 max per wallet

About the team:

The littles team members don’t share information about their identities. The team is not doxxed or verifiable on any of the social media channels. 

Social media review:

On Discord, The Littles have 69k members and on Twitter, 74.6k people follow them.

Their Twitter was created in October. They have posted more than 1,000 Tweets since then. 

Their social media channels are very popular and most of their Tweets gain a huge interaction from the community. 

Sum up:

the little(s) bear collection is all about discovery and fun.