SeaHorse Army NFT

SeaHorse Army NFT
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May 31, 2022
Jun 5, 2022 18:01

SeaHorse Army NFT

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NFT Review:

7777 legendary SeaHorse Warriors were brought back to life by a malfunction to control the Metaverse. They are highly uncommon. 

Seahorses have controlled Atlantis since the time of the Mammoths and are legendary for their agility, intellect, and courage. According to legend, they were a technologically superior utopian culture that vanished to settle other worlds and hide vast wealth. 

Some of the best venues in the Metaverse will be owned by the Bad SeaHorses. You can join the underwater Club Atlantis if you own a SeaHorse.

Holder Benefits:

The pieces combine around 250 hand-drawn features. Each attribute is a skill. Some SeaHorses have superpowers, while others resemble unique characters.

If you hold the seahorse NFT, you’ll go below the surface, and where you'll get access to an exclusive nightclub. To acquire VIP access to the underwater lounge, collect seven SeaHorses. 

To boost the collection's long-term value, the SeaHorseArmy is creating an ecosystem of meta-infrastructure in established and emerging metaverses like the Otherside.


Phase 1 of the Seahorse NFT is the collection launch. Then 10% of the holders will be rewarded. 

The team also plans on launching virtual and physical merchandise for the community. 

Seahorse project will purchase a metaverse land and expand it along the way. Meta partnerships will also take place to increase the project's popularity. 

The last step of the roadmap is the “New Year Celebration in Dubai.” However, details about this plan are unknown.

Price and quantity:

In total, 7777 SeaHorses will ever be minted on the Ethereum. A wallet can mint up to 5 NFTs during Presale and 10 NFTs per wallet during the public sale.

The presale date is 31st May, and the price will be 0.07 ETH.

Public sale begins on June 5th, and NFTs will cost 0.14 ETH during this main launch.

About the team:

Emmanuel Samms, a social entrepreneur, and artist created the art for SeaHorse. 

Other team members are also transparent with their identities. They share links to their social media that ables us to verify their identities. 

Yet, none of the team members are doxxed or officially verified.

Social media review:

SeaHorse Army has already managed to gain popularity on social media. They have more than 25k members on Discord and 12k followers on Twitter. SeaHorse Army also has an active Instagram account with 3.3k followers.

Through their Twitter and Discord channels, you can get whitelisted and gain presale privileges.

Also, one of the important milestones for this project was that they got on 15 calendars and ranked number 15 out of 500 upcoming mints by Minty Score.

Sum up:

SeaHorse Army is a unique collection of 777 SeaHorses. This project provides access to the first underwater Club Atlantis.​ The collection will be launched soon. You could grab a WL spot by being active on the @SeaHorseArmy social media accounts.