Crypto Bulls NFT Club

Crypto Bulls NFT Club
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June 18, 2022
Sep 30, 2022 13:00

Crypto Bulls NFT Club

2.5 SOL
Public Sale
2.5 SOL
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NFT Review:

On this planet, every program is interconnected through the blockchain network, and Crypto Bulls managed to use the power of the metaverse to create a peaceful world for humans and machines.

The exceptional collection of 10,000 bulls provides access to an influential collective with entrepreneurial values. By treating each member as a founder, the Crypto Bulls NFT Club intends to harness the power of its community.

Holder Benefits:

50% of the funds will be kept in a vault, and NFT holders will decide what to do with them: Stable coin staking, Web3 applications, NFT projects, Crypto projects, or Crypto-arbitrage.

Holders will decide how much of the vault proceeds they want to use to repurchase Crypto Bulls NFT Club NFTs on the secondary market, establishing a Floor Price for each holder.

Holders will be able to stake their NFT in exchange for a Crypto Bulls NFT Club Token that will be used for NFT customization, impacting the staking power, Early accesses, Event participation, and Long-term project governance, and Metaverse.

Holders who amass a complete collection of Crypto Bulls NFTs attributes will be rewarded with Crypto Bulls Token Airdrops, and their staking power will increase.

Also, the team will organize worldwide conferences and webinars for the Crypto Bulls NFT Club community to learn and connect simultaneously.


After Bull NFTs private mint, there will be a premint for WL members.

After the minting process, the team will create a DAO, where 50% of the funds will be stored. And the first voting for DAO will begin. Crypto Bulls will activate their bots looking for live price discrepancies amongst exchanges.

For merch, the team partnered with the highest caliber artists in Paris to meticulously design and carve high-quality items.

In the future, the team will buy LAND in the Sandbox. They will develop the Crypto Bulls universe where long-term holders will have benefits such as access to virtual events in the metaverse and more amazing features.

Price and quantity:

Private mint: ( 2.5 SOL); June 18th at 1:00 PM UTC.

Pre-mint: ( 2.5 SOL). September 30th at 1:00 PM UTC.

About the team:

The team members are doxxed and experienced in Web3. The team comprises entrepreneurs and comics lovers with a long experience in trading (+20 years in total) and digital art (+10 years). 

Social media review:

Crypto Bulls NFT Club has more than 10k followers on all three social media channels l: Discord, Twitter, and Instagram.

They joined social media in March, and their presence has grown gradually since then.

Their early community members are active, and most posts and Tweets gain colossal interaction. The interest in this project is growing, and NFT enthusiasts highly anticipate it.

Sum up:

Doxxed founders create Crypto Bulls. The project is creating DAO, Crypto-Arbitrage, and offers holders Staking advantages, Charity donations, and Innovative Solutions To Improve Crypto and NFT Spaces.