NFT Example.

About US

In the uprising world of NFT, anyone can find it hard to properly assess and obtain the necessary tracks. In an environment where there is a lack of information, we decided to create a gateway which could guide us into the NFT world . Our team aims to help NFT seekers evaluate the value of each project, filter the best options and be on track for market dynamics. We believe that the data we provide about price floor, social media statistics and expert evaluation will help everyone make better investment decisions.

What we do

What we track

Our platform tracks the most crucial information for upcoming NFT evaluation. With the deep analytics of Discord and Twitter, our readers get the real data behind social media accounts. We check whether the followers are fake or real and provide you with this information.

What we offer

Our platform collects data andwe create accurate and detailed reviews of upcoming NFT drops. Essentially, we make all the required information accessible for the user to have as leverage in the NFT market, discover and filter the best options and make valuable investment decisions.


Even though we do not give any financial advice and any investment - even with the best expectations - can turn out to be not profitable, we minimize the risks and provide maximum data to try to gain the lead of the NFT market.

Looking forward

The NFT world is gaining its powers. We are looking forward to further developments of the NFT systems and will keep our users up to date with the latest tracks!